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2008 M.F.A. from Aichi University of Education
1995 B.F.A. from Aichi University of Education
1983 Born in Hyogo Prefecture

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Gallery Blue, Kanazawa
Layered Form: Taking the Shape of What Words Can't Express, Keiko Art International
2020 Integrated Form, Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto
2018 Gallery Suki, Aichi ('13, '15)
2014 Vibrant Forms, Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo
L'Envol, Mizen Fine Art, Paris
2008 Galleria Ceramica, INAX, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

2022 Ningbo International (China, Japan and Korea) Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists Exhibition, China Port Museum, China
2021 The Present Situation of Ceramic Art-PartⅩⅧ, Gallery VOICE, Gifu
Drinking Vessel Exhibition, Gallery SUKI, Aichi
2020 Favorite Forms, Gallery Suki, Aichi
KOGEI Art Fair kanazawa 2020, Ishikawa
2019 Two persons Exhibition, Painting and Ceramic: shapes by repetition, Kultur Am Kelterberg Vaihingen e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
2018 Forms of Bowls, Gallery Voice, Gifu
2017 KOGEI Art Fair, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, by KUMU
2016 Evolved Form , Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki
11th Paramita Museum Ceramic Prize Exhibition, Paramita Museum, Mie
Bi no Yokan, Nihonbashi, Shinjuku, Osaka and Kyoto takashimaya
2015 Dialogue with Materials: Contemporary Japanese Arts an Crafts, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey
Hanayagi no Tou, Ginza Wako, Tokyo
Ceramic and Glass Sculptures by the alumnus and facultires of Aichi University of Education, New Century Craft Museum of Seto, Aichi
Exhibtiion for New Acquisitions, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
2014 MARVELOUS, MIRACULOUS, CURIOUS, Saihodo Gallery, Tokyo
Dialogue with Materials: Contemporary Japanese Arts an Crafts, Ahmed Adnen Saygun Sanat Merkezi, Izmir, Turkey
Phenomenon of Contemporary Ceramics, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
2013 Art Fair Tokyo, gallery Voice
2012 Form for Bowls, Gallery Voice, Gifu
Ceramics Now-Shaped by clay partX, Gallery Voice, Gifu
Wonder! Delightful! Contemporary Ceramic, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki
Capability of Form, Cera-Mix, Meguro Togekan, Mie
Eight Women’s Ceramist, Utsuwakan, Kyoto
2011 Anjin-crossing, Tsutaya Shoten Anjin, Tokyo
Art Fair Tokyo, from MitochuKoueki
2010 Dynamics of Form Part II, Cera-Mix, Meguro Togekan, Mie
2009 TANAKA Tomomi, NAKASHIMA Harumi, HATTORI Makiko and YAMAGISHI Yusuke, Gallery Suki, Aichi
Women Ceramist Artists Who Bear the 21st Century, Paramita Museum, Mie
The Power of Decoration, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2008 Forms with Handles, Gallery Voice, Gifu
2007 Forms by Aichi University of Education, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum
Forms with Lids, Gallery Voice, Gifu
Ceramics Now-Part IV, Gallery Voice, Gifu
Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition for Japan, Korea and China, Seoul, Korea
2006 cera-mix, Forms by Aichi University of Education, Meguro Togekan, Mie
2016 Aichi Prefectural Art and Culture Encouragement Prize for New Artists
2014 silver award, 10th International Ceramics Competition Mino
2006 Encouragement Award, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
2005 Kyoto Mayer’s Award, 39th Women’s Association of Ceramic Art
  • Harn Museum of Art
  • Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki
  • Japan Foundation
  • Riz-Carlton Hotel, Kyoto
2013 The Window of Arts
2013 Art Collectors
2013 Geijutsu Shincho

My pieces are consisted of many lamellas of clay that are attached on the surface of the hand-built clay core.

One day, I was unintentionally pushing down the clay on the table with hands and tools. The flattened clay appealed me and the idea, using these lamellar for my works, came up to me, because I felt that the layers of lamella seem like the feeling piled up in my mind.

I tend to keep my feelings inside in order to be afraid of criticisms or isolation. Therefore, the feelings that weren’t spoken out are gradually building up in my mind. In the beginning, I got caught up in attaching the thin lamellas on the core, as if I was getting all my feeling out madly. In this stage, the cores were simple ball-like-shape and I didn’t think about the forms not that much.

However, in a meanwhile, my interest was shifted to create the forms that have beautiful curved lines, like waves, by layers of lamella. This was the second stage for my work.

The anger, happiness and other feelings are always mixed and whirling in my mind. Sometime, they are wriggling ominously in the bottom. I was thinking how I should express the movements of my inner feelings that exist inside me. As a result, I started to change the shape of the core. They were pulled or constricted to create the forms like limbs or waists, and then lamellas were attached on those surfaces. The shape of lamellas themselves was changed as well, and larger lamellas, like belts, were added on the surfaces. Now, I consciously create the pieces that are not only expressed my inner feeling, but also are born from me as new life-forms.

As I explained earlier, I can’t express my feeling well, but it means that I am not good at verbalizing myself in a short time. However, while I am creating the sculpture pieces, my feelings are marshaled over time and it becomes easy to express into my works. For these reason, the various processes of execution are necessary for me to face to my inner voice. I hope that the pieces created like that can talk and give some messages to the people who see my pieces.