FUKUMOTO Shigeki works FUKUMOTO Shigeki works FUKUMOTO Shigeki works FUKUMOTO Shigeki works FUKUMOTO Shigeki works FUKUMOTO Shigeki works
1989-15 Professor of Osaka University of Arts
1970 M.F.A., Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto
1968 B.F.A., Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto

Solo Exhibitions

2018 In Commemoration of the Publication of TO DYE, PERCHANCE TO DREAM, FUKUMOTO SHIGEKI: COLLECTED WORKS 1983 - 2017(tankosha 2017), Chushin Art Museum, Kyoto
2017 ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2016 The Museum of Kyoto
Gallery Keifu, Kyoto ('04)
Shredded Message: Cloth Inlay/ Mosaic, Keiko Art International
2011 NOHOHON: Book Art by Fukumoto Shigeki, Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo
2010 Book Art by Fukumoto Shigeki, Gallery Aoi-Kaze, Kyoto
Book Art by Fukumoto Shigeki, Library of Osaka University of Arts, Osaka
2009 ROZOME, Cloth Inlay and Book Biding, Blanche Ikeda, Osaka
2007 Gallery Haku, Osaka (also in '05)
2004 Wacoal Ginza Art Space, Tokyo
2003 Toyonaka City Gallery, Toyonaka
2002 Chushin Oike Gallery, Kyoto
1996 Aoyama Green Gallery, Tokyo
1995 Orie Gallery, Tokyo
1994 Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo
Studio COM, kyoto
1992 HASEKO Gallery, Tokyo
Kyoto Brighton Hotel Annex Gallery, Kyoto
1991 The Azabu Museum of Arts and Crafts, Tokyo
Gallery Maronie, Kyoto (also in '84, '83)
Gallery KURANUKI, Osaka
Gallery Muu, Kyoto
Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo
1989 Tanakaya Gallery, Aomori
Ikeda City Gallery, Tokyo
Heart and Art Dream, Hyougo
1988 Nihonbashi Takashimaya Tapestry Gallery, Tokyo
Wacoal Ginza Art Space, Tokyo
Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo
1987 Tsukashin Seibu Craft Salon, Hyougo
Yao Seibu Arts Gallery, Osaka
1986 Orie Gallery, Tokyo
Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo
Gallery Nakamura, Kyoto
1985 Ina Gallery 2, Tokyo
Gallery Ten, Tokyo
Juraku Craft-kan, Kyoto ('84)

*Numerous exhibitions were held around the world.

Group Exhibitions

2018 Binding threads / Expanding Threads, The Art of Creating "Between-ness", Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
2017 The Box Project: Uncommon Threads, Racine Art Museum, WI, Textile Museum, Washington DC
2016 IKI SUI, Seiryu-kan, Kyoto
Essence of Rimpa Appearing in Japanese Painting Circles in Kyoto - Humor and Wit -, Kyoto Prefectural Insho-Domoto Museum of Arts, Kyoto
2015 Essence of Rimpa Appearing in Japanese Painting Circles in Kyoto - Humor and Wit -, Kyoto Prefectural Insho-Domoto Museum of Arts, Kyoto
Emba Awards- Past and Present, UENO Memorial Museum, Tanba City, Kyoto
2014 Creation from HAIKU: calligraphy and Deying, Seiryu-kan, Kyoto
8th International Fiber Art Biennale, Nantong, China
2013 Maestros of Contemporay KOGEI, Tanabe City Museum of Art, Wakayama
Function and Expression in Dyeing and Weaving: Japan and Polan, Cheongju, International Biennale, S.Korea
Contemporary KOGEI Styles in Japan, Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, FL, U.S.A.
New Acquisitions, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA, U.S.A.
2012 Beyond a thread – Hands working the fabric of life, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
2011 The Contemporary SOMÉ: FUKUMOTO Shigeki and FUKUMOTO Shihoko, Tamba Municipal Art Museum
STREAMING: from Textile to Clay, KEIKO Gallery, Boston
2010 The History of Modern Dyeing, Tsukuba Museum of Art
2009 Pearls of arts in Kyoto, Chusin Art Museum, Kyoto
2008 Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo
Hanayagi no Katachi, TAKASHIMAYA, Art Gallery X, Tokyo
SOFA Chicago (also in '07, '06)
2007 Blue Wind Group Show for 26 artists, Gallery Aoi-Kaze SOME-RIMPA, Seiryukan, Kyoto
Japan Month in Houston, Art Exhibition, contemporary Japanese Arts and Crafts
There is Life After SOFA, KEIKO Gallery, MA
SOFA New York
Contemporary Japanese Textiles and Metalworks: From Material and Artistry to Forms, Tukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki
Azabu Juban Art Textile—Textile works by 30 artists, Tokyo
Museum Collections of Modern Art—Craft and Photography, Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto
The explorers of beauty, Osaka University of Arts Faculty Exhibition, Art Court Gallery, Osaka
4th International Fiber Art Biennale (Suzhou), China
Modern Dying—SOME.SEIRYUTEN: Footsteps for Fifteen Years, Seiryukan, Kyoto
Chusin art foudation 20th anniversary, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2005 Japanese Rozome Masters, Boston / Washington D.C. / Seattle
Rozome Masters From Kyoto, Massachusetts College of Art Boston, MA / KEIKO Gallery, MA
2004 Siryukai Dye Works Exhibition ('91–'03)
RIMPA, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
From Lausannne to Beijing—3rd International Fiber Art Biennale, Shanghai
Hyogo International Competition of Painting, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe
2003 BATIK exhibition 2003, Museum voor Industriele Archelogie en Textiel, Gent, Germany
BATIK—Widening the Perspective, Galerie Smend, Cologne, Germany
2002 Contemporary Japanese Crafts—Materials and Way of Formative Thinking Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / The National Museum, Jakarta
From Lausannne to Beijing—International Tapestry Art Biennale, Beijing, China
2001 Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2001, Cheongju, China
Crafts in Kyoto [1945-2000], The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto / Tokyo
Contemporary Textiles—Weaving and Dyeing: Way of Formative Thinking, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2000 Osaka Vision 21, Osaka
1999 50 MAITRES—Le arts appliques dans le Japon contemporain,—Espace des arts, Mitsukoshi Etoile, Paris
The Genealogy of Craft Objects, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Beyond the Sea; Song, Burm-Soo and Fukumoto Shigeki Dual Exhibition' ll-Min Museum, Seoul, Korea / ABC Gallery, Osaka / The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
1998 HOT WAX! Fukumoto and Dyrenforth, Leading East/West Batik Artists, Studio COM., Kyoto / Sembikiya Gallery, Tokyo
1997 International Batick Exhibition and Seminar, Anshun, China
1997 Dunia Batik Conference and Exhibition, Yogyakarta, Indonesia / ABC Art Concours, ABC Gallery, Osaka ('86–'96)
1995 Japan Studio Crafts: Tradition and the Avant-Garde, V&A Museum, London
1994 Contemporary Textile Design–Dyeing, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Contemporary Stencil Dyeing and Printing—The Repetition of Patterns, Craft Gallery, Tokyo / The National Museumn of Modern Art, Tokyo
1993 International Triennial Competition of Painting, Osaka ('90)
1993 New Departures—An International Exhibition of Wax Resist Art, Edwin's Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Small Works in Fiber, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
CETRA Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Thailand
Taipei International Exhibition of Traditional Arts and Crafts 1993, Taipei, Thailand
1992 7th International Triennale of Tapestry, Lodz, Poland
15th International Lausannne Biennial, Lausanne, Switzerland
Exhibition of Modern Best Art ('87–'91)
Exposition “France-Japan”, Grand Palais, Paris('84–'91)
1987 13th International Biennial of Tapestry, Lausanne, Switzerland
1984 38th Kyoto Prefectural Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Kyoto
1983 Kyoto Art Exhibition, Kyoto

*Numerous exhibitions were held around the world.

2008 Award for artwork, The Japan Society of Design
2002 Outstanding Performance Award, International Fiber Tapestry Art Biennale, Beijing
2001 Invited Artists Prize, Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2001, Korea
2000 Grand Prize, Osaka Vision 21 (painted on folding screens), Osaka
1992 Awarded six times, Exposition “France-Japan”, Grand Palais, Paris ('84–'92)
1991 Grand Prize, Exhibition of Modern Best Art
1990 Bronze Prize, International Triennial Competition of Painting, Osaka
Grand Prize, ABC Art Concours, ABC Gallery, Osaka
1988 Emba Museum Prize, Exhibition of Modern Best Art
1984 Grand Prize, 38th Kyoto Prefectural Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Kyoto
1983 Mayor's Award / Grand Prize, Kyoto Art Exhibition, Kyoto
  • Costen Foundation for Academic Research, Los Angeles
  • The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, U.S.A.
  • Il-min Museum, Seoul, Korea
  • The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
  • The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Osaka Foundation of Culture, Osaka
  • Osaka 21st Century Association, Osaka
  • Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka
  • The Chushin Art Foundation, Kyoto
  • Hikami-cho Museum, Hyougo
  • Kameoka City Hall, Kyoto
  • Kusatsu City Hall, Gunma
  • Seiryukan, Kyoto
2017 To Dye, Perchance to Dream, Fukumoto Shigeki: Collected Works 1983-2017
2016 Urges/ Urgings (susume), Notes on a Theory of the Art of Japanese Dyeing (SOMÉ)
2007 The Technical Arts Hold Excitement in the 21st Century
1998 FUKUMOTO SHIGEKI: Rozome—Collected Works 1981–1988
1996 Japan and the Art of Dyeing
1994 The Traditional Pottery of Oseania
1988 Shigeki Fukumoto: Roketsuzome—Collected Works 1981–1988
1985 The Fantastic Costume art of Oceania
1976 Melamesian Art

My signature style, cloth inlay mosaic, was developed around 1992 without any particular concept, and only as just an experiment. Until then, I had been dyeing only large pieces of fabric, and felt that cutting them into pieces was taboo.

However, I realized that if I employed a very old, traditional technique used in mounting scroll painting--which involves applying thin Japanese washi (paper) as a backing--then I could shred the fabric and easily reassemble these pieces into a new format. This technique prevents the fabric from fraying. And if then another layer of backing is applied to the reassembled pieces it is possible to cut the reassembled fabric at a different angle. Consequently, repeating this process makes it possible to create incredibly complicated geometrical patterns, like a mosaic.

This technique allowed me to create works of art that were innovative—cloth inlay mosaic. It is almost impossible to employ this technique with other materials, and I think this makes my cloth inlay very special. There have been times when I thought I should not continue working on such time consuming pieces, but my fascination with cloth inlay mosaic has now continued for more than twenty years, and I continue to discover new stages as I explore this technique.

I confess I am a very impulsive person, and I think this makes it possible for me to continue to work in this very tedious manner because I am always in a hurry to discover the end of a task that is endless.